Your buying decisions have the power to create a fairer society

At CCS, we’re not just about helping you to save money. Our commercial agreements are collaborative tools to help you improve the lives of citizens across the UK. 

That’s why we’re ensuring our agreements can empower you to achieve the specific social value benefits you need, whether that is:

  • creating more apprenticeships for young people
  • improving the air that we breathe
  • promoting equality and diversity
  • assuring supply chains are free from modern slavery
  • supporting your local economy

Every contract the public sector signs is an opportunity to build back better, fairer and greener. So, we will help you build social value into every step of the procurement process.

Every public sector organisation should factor social value into their procurements. Think COVID-19 recovery, tackling economic inequality, fighting climate change, equal opportunities and wellbeing.

“Social value in procurement doesn’t work when it’s treated as an afterthought. It needs to be baked in from the start.”  
Charlene Maginnis
Head of Policy Delivery, Supply Chain and Service Offering

  • Whole market approach

    We take a ‘whole market’ approach by talking to customers at the earliest opportunity to get a clear understanding of their needs, and to suppliers to explore what the market can provide.

  • Supplier bids

    At the tender stage we ask suppliers to demonstrate how their policies, strategies, systems and ways of working will help you achieve the social, economic and environmental benefits you seek.

  • Supplier payment

    We’ve worked hard to address payment practices so more invoices are paid from suppliers to their supply chains within 60 days – encouraging smaller, regional and more specialist suppliers to do business with us.

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CCS policy statement on social value

Procurement policy note 06/20: taking account of social value in the award of central government contracts: this procurement policy note (PPN) shares a new model to achieve social value through government’s commercial activities.

Public Services (Social Value) Act

Knowledge is power

Webinars (1 )

  1. Delivering social value through public sector procurement

    We will discuss the implications of the Social Value Act on public sector buyers and the growing demand for social value through contracts.

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