eMarketplace provides catalogue-style purchasing for:

  • traffic management technology
  • fuels for heating and transport
  • personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • technology products
  • multifunction devices (print, scan, copy)
  • networks and telecommunications services

How to buy

  • register to use eMarketplace
  • once registered, you can browse and make purchases, or use an electronic request for quote (also known as Dynamic Marketplace) for low-value, simple requirements
  • it is also possible to integrate eMarketplace with your organisation’s purchase to pay system. For more information contact the provider (Procserve) directly.

Best for:

  • low-value requirements when fixed pricing isn’t available through a catalogue but your need cannot be met by a framework – use electronic request for quote (RFQ)
  • simple requirement requiring fast delivery – use catalogues.

Not appropriate for:

  • complex requirements which should be fulfilled through further competition from a framework
  • requirements which are available through the CCS Purchasing Platform.

Payment methods

  • purchase order/manual invoice
  • lodged card
  • fully integrated purchase to pay process.

Who can use

Available to all public sector buyers as a web-based application. Integration with purchase to pay system available as a long-term solution.

Time to supply

From next day delivery, dependent on procurement route.


  • electronic requests make it easier for SMEs to bid for work
  • short tender process.


  • limited content
  • fixed contract terms
  • evaluation not available within the RFQ tool.

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Can't find what you're looking for?

If none of your requirements can be met by a CCS catalogue or agreement, you can run an EU tender.

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