Further competitions


Once you have selected the CCS framework that meets your requirements, you can ask the suppliers listed to bid, a process called a further competition. This may be run under any CCS framework which has multiple suppliers as an alternative to a direct award.

How to buy

Use CCS’s free eSourcing tool to run a further competition among the suppliers listed against the framework and lot you have selected. Or use your own organisation’s sourcing tool.The main stages of running a further competition are detailed in the buyers’ guides of each agreement. Generally they are:

  • pre-market engagement with suppliers to help you define requirements (optional)
  • define your requirements and invitation to tender (ITT)
  • invite suppliers on the specified agreement and lot to bid by issuing the ITT, requirements document and draft contract
  • evaluate suppliers’ responses
  • award a contract to the successful supplier and notify unsuccessful suppliers
  • include a 10 day standstill period (optional)

Best for:

  • creating competition for high-value or complex goods and services: anything from stationary to complex facility management contracts.

Not appropriate for:

  • low-value purchases where the time and cost of running a further competition is disproportionate to the goods and services supplied.
  • niche goods and services which may only be offered by specialist vendors and not available via CCS agreements
  • urgent requirements

Payment methods

Purchase order raised within your organisation

Who can use

Any UK public sector organisation, registered social landlords (Housing Associations), and charities.

Time to supply

  • producing your requirements and ITT documents can take from a few weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the goods and services.
  • the time between starting a further competition and delivery will depend on the complexity of your requirements and the number of bids you need to evaluate. You should allow at least 6 to 8 weeks to complete your further competition process.
  • if you are running a further competition that is assisted by a CCS call-off team, there is a 30 working day service level agreement: 10 days to prepare tender documents; 10 days for suppliers to submit responses; 10 days to evaluate responses and recommend an award.


  • thorough, open and fair method to find the best price for complex requirements
  • reduced timescales in comparison to an OJEU procurement
  • opportunity to evaluate multiple responses over a range of prices.
  • terms and conditions can be amended


  • slower than direct award
  • higher administration time and cost than direct award