Media Buying

Buy media channels (for example, advertising space, partnerships, events and sponsorship) regionally, nationally and internationally across offline and online channels.


This agreement enables government and wider public sector organisations to buy media channels from a single supplier, Manning Gottlieb OMD (a division of OMD Group Ltd), who have set up a public sector media team to buy across all offline and online channels on your behalf in the UK and overseas.


  • reduced advertising spend and transparency of where taxpayers’ money is spent and on what, this agreement makes visible all platform and media fees and any additional fees paid
  • commission fee neutrality: the agency will have the same commission for each media channel to ensure media neutrality
  • high-quality media placement: clients will get high-quality media at a competitive cost – ads placed by framework contracts currently achieve 60% viewability, which is in line with the market and CCS is working to increase this to 100% while maintaining competitive pricing
  • robust pricing guarantees and benefits methodologies: pricing guarantees are defined for the life of the contract and rates benchmarked against other public and private sector organisations
  • enhanced terms and conditions: aligned to best practice terms drafted by the ISBA (advertisers industry body)
  • annual contract review: allows GCS/CCS to adapt the contract to accommodate changes in the advertising market and innovative ways of working
  • performance management: including live campaign dashboards, in-flight optimisation, monthly information, external media audits, strategic supplier management and customer satisfaction surveys on quality, efficiency and effectiveness
  • performance incentives: encourages the agency to optimise performance and improve outcomes
  • ability to have owned tech/data: for enhanced transparency and access to client data
  • flexible framework agreement: ensures best-fit agency relationship for buyers, including three different service levels
  • process efficiency effectiveness: ensures the agency is engaged from the beginning of the marketing/campaign process
  • best practice sharing: ensures the agency is held accountable for reporting performance and sharing insight and learnings to all buyers where appropriate.

Products and suppliers

There are 1 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Media Buying
Buy media channels (for example, advertising space, partnerships, events and sponsorship) regionally, nationally and internationally across off and online channels.


1 suppliers

How to buy

Before using this agreement you must have internal approval for your budget.

If you’re in Central Government and spending over £100,000, you will need approval from the Professional Assurance Group. Check for eligibility on the Government Communication Service website and email if you have any queries.

There is one supplier: Manning Gottlieb OMD (a division of OMD Group Ltd), so you do not need to run a further competition.

If you are a new customer email Adam Skinner, Group Projects Director, at who will assign a member of the media team to you.

Charge for central government

Government bodies using this framework are required to pay the Government Communication Service (GCS) levy (fee). This is 1% of the total net contract value.

This charge is a set contribution from all government communications expenditure through the frameworks and funds the Government Communication Service (GCS). This was approved in 2013/14 by the Civil Service Board, Ministerial Board and with the agreement of all Directors of Communications.

The briefing templates for all media briefs under this agreement can be found in the document section below. When you have created a campaign brief, contact your designated team member at Manning and Gottlieb OMD (a division of OMD Group Ltd). For specific media channel questions, contact the person named on each booked schedule.

Duration of agreement

Your call off contract can run up to the framework end date, it cannot be extended beyond 21 May 2022.



12/06/2020 – RM6003 Briefing template update. This document now complies with recent changes to legislation to make sure your departmental Data Protection Officer has signed off the template. This is in line with the Information Commissioner’s Office guidance. There is also a data privacy impact assessment template, which you can use as a guide to help you identify and minimise the data protection risks particularly within programmatic buying. For more information on this or support please email Sophie Dickens.

03/01/2020 – RM6003 Briefing template update.