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9 agreements found

    • Agreement ID: RM3764.3
    • Start Date: 14/02/2020
    • End Date: 14/02/2027

    A flexible commercial agreement that offers an extensive range of cyber security services to help improve organisational cyber resilience and security posture.  

    • Agreement ID: RM6335
    • Start Date: 27/07/2023
    • End Date: 26/07/2027

    Access suppliers who can provide IT digital and legacy application services (DALAS) and will support the roll out of future applications that are less dependent on legacy technologies.

    • Agreement ID: RM6094
    • Start Date: 16/04/2019
    • End Date: 15/04/2025

    Buy emerging technology products and services, including Internet of Things (IoT), AI and automation, simulated environments, wearables and new improvements in security.

    • Agreement ID: RM6147
    • Start Date: 19/11/2020
    • End Date: 18/11/2024

    A dynamic catalogue for technology product needs (hardware and software).

    • Agreement ID: RM6068
    • Start Date: 10/12/2019
    • End Date: 31/05/2024

    This agreement expired on 9 December 2023 and has been replaced by RM6098 Technology Products and Associated Services 2. Lot 3 extension until 30 April 2024 Lot 4 extension until 31 May 2024

    • Agreement ID: RM6098
    • Start Date: 10/10/2023
    • End Date: 09/10/2027

    All UK public sector organisations can access technology hardware, software and services including end user devices, servers, storage, infrastructure devices, software licences and accessories. 

    • Agreement ID: RM6100
    • Start Date: 16/06/2021
    • End Date: 15/06/2025

    All public sector customers can buy technology services ranging from strategy and design to operational deployment.

    • Agreement ID: RM6099
    • Start Date: 06/10/2021
    • End Date: 05/10/2025

    Offers a wide range of transport technologies and services for the aviation, road, rail and maritime sectors.

    • Agreement ID: RM6213
    • Start Date: 08/04/2020
    • End Date: 07/04/2026

    Find a range of solutions to help develop the charging infrastructure for electric and hybrid vehicles with this dynamic purchasing system (DPS).