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    • Agreement ID: RM6226
    • Start Date: 14/12/2021
    • End Date: 13/12/2025

    Public sector customers can access debt recovery and associated services including data, fraud and error, litigation and spend analysis recovery.

    • Agreement ID: RM6186
    • Start Date: 22/02/2022
    • End Date: 21/02/2026

    Allows all public sector organisations to buy vehicle fuel from service stations and fuel stations using a fuel card. Includes regional, nationwide and European locations.

    • Agreement ID: RM6322
    • Start Date: 28/11/2022
    • End Date: 27/11/2030

    All public sector buyers can access a full range of services for designing and administering schemes that disburse funds. Schemes can include grants, loans, entitlement benefits, hybrid funds and any other fund not so easily defined.

    • Agreement ID: RM6172
    • Start Date: 18/09/2020
    • End Date: 17/09/2024

    A dynamic purchasing system (DPS) to buy a full range of services for grant administration. 

    • Agreement ID: RM6323
    • Start Date: 28/11/2023
    • End Date: 27/11/2027

    The public sector can access brokerage and advisory services, claims handling services and social housing insurance.

    • Agreement ID: RM6138
    • Start Date: 08/01/2020
    • End Date: 07/01/2028

    A dynamic purchasing system (DPS) that provides access to a complete range of suppliers for the placement of insurance policies of all classes.

    • Agreement ID: RM6146
    • Start Date: 01/12/2020
    • End Date: 30/11/2024

    Access to leasing advisory services, which are open to the central government and the public sector.

    • Agreement ID: RM6120
    • Start Date: 01/10/2021
    • End Date: 30/09/2029

    This DPS provides government and public sector bodies  access to funding for the acquisition of an asset. The DPS offers a choice of financing options, including leasing and asset secured loans.

    • Agreement ID: RM6301
    • Start Date: 08/12/2023
    • End Date: 07/12/2031

    All central government departments and UK public sector bodies can access open banking related tools and services.

    • Agreement ID: RM6325
    • Start Date: 19/12/2023
    • End Date: 18/12/2027

    Enables the public sector to accept card and alternative payment methods either face to face or through eCommerce and digital routes. Provides access to payment (payments in and out) consultancy services.

    • Agreement ID: RM6248
    • Start Date: 01/11/2022
    • End Date: 31/10/2026

    Enables UK government and wider public sector customers to buy goods and services using procurement cards and to disburse funds using prepaid cards and voucher solutions.