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    • Agreement ID: RM6157
    • Start Date: 27/07/2021
    • End Date: 26/07/2025

    UK government departments, devolved administrations and the wider public sector can access a range of building materials, equipment and associated services.

    • Agreement ID: RM6165
    • Start Date: 01/10/2021
    • End Date: 30/09/2025

    Central government and the wider public sector can access a wide range of technical advisory services in support of building and civil engineering projects of all scales and sizes.

    • Agreement ID: RM6242
    • Start Date: 03/11/2021
    • End Date: 02/11/2025

    Central government and wider public sector organisations can buy a range of expert professional and technical construction services.

    • Agreement ID: RM6088
    • Start Date: 31/10/2019
    • End Date: 28/10/2026

    Delivers a wide range of major and minor building, and civil engineering projects for central government and the wider public sector.

    • Agreement ID: RM6267
    • Start Date: 21/03/2022
    • End Date: 30/10/2026

    NHS England and all other UK public sector bodies can buy a range of construction works and services.

    • Agreement ID: RM6313
    • Start Date: 28/11/2022
    • End Date: 27/11/2026

    Supports public sector carbon net zero strategies by providing a range of energy products and services.

    • Agreement ID: RM6314
    • Start Date: 24/03/2023
    • End Date: 23/03/2027

    Provides central government and the wider public sector with a range of decarbonisation products and services to support their carbon net zero strategy.

    • Agreement ID: RM6184
    • Start Date: 24/01/2023
    • End Date: 23/01/2027

    All public sector organisations can access the design, fabrication, physical delivery, construction or installation and maintenance of prefabricated buildings. Includes direct access to manufacturers for a complete range of offsite construction solutions.