AI and Automation


Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation services such as: AI consultancy, research and support, augmented decision making, automation, natural language processing, imaging and computer vision.


31/03/23: This agreement is on hold until further notice. We are currently undertaking a strategic review of our future agreements to ensure they provide a simplified buyer journey with reduced scope overlaps. We will update the activity timeline for this agreement once the review is complete.

In the meantime you can still access AI and automation services using the following agreements:

Both agreements are Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS). This means suppliers can register to join the agreements at any time. You can also access AI related to professional services using our RM6195 Big Data and Analytics agreement.


All public sector organisations can use this agreement including:

  • central government departments and their agencies
  • non departmental public bodies
  • devolved administrations
  • NHS bodies
  • local authorities
  • police
  • voluntary sector 
  • charities

You can use this agreement to access artificial intelligence and automation services in compliance with industry standards and guidelines. Services will include:

  • natural language processing: machines that interpret written or spoken text and perform tasks like translation exercises or chatbot services
  • computer vision and image processing: tasks such as ‘seeing’ or sensing visual stimulus, understanding what is being seen and extracting information into a form that you can use in other processes, like image classification and image restoration
  • non-learning automation: software that does repetitive tasks including robotic process automation (RPA) that can process transactions or insurance claims and consolidate client information to support call centre agents through screening questions at the beginning of a call
  • augmented decision making: using software to identify patterns and make recommendations for specific business processes
  • discovery and consultancy work related to the use of artificial intelligence and automation in public services like benefits realisation and creating an automation roadmap

Customer engagement

We will continue to work with customer focus groups to understand the services and buying process needed to buy AI services.

Supplier engagement

We held a market warming event at TechUK in October 2022. The event included topics such as:

  • terms and conditions
  • the scope of services
  • intellectual property
  • the buying process

View a recording of the event.

If you would like to take part in a future market warming event, email the team. You will need to include the following details in your email:

  • organisation name
  • contact name
  • job title of contact (including responsibility within your organisation)
  • contact phone number
  • contact email
  • organisation website link

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN
Contract notice in Find a Tender (FTS) Read Contract Notice
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Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement October to November 2022
Drafting of procurement documents Not available yet
Publication of FTS notice Not available yet
Framework award Not available yet