Supplier Early Payment Solutions

Suppliers can choose early payment in exchange for a discount against their invoice. The payment date and discount amount can be dynamically related.


Supplier early payment solutions (SEPS) enable your suppliers to choose to receive early payment for their invoices in exchange for a discount or charge against the invoice value. Using the dynamic discounting option, the supplier can choose the size of the discount relative to when they will be paid. This is a single-supplier agreement awarded to Taulia.

This agreement replaces the Government Banking Service (GBS) supply chain finance (SCF) system and CCS replaces HMRC as the contracting authority.


  • Buyers can meet the appropriate standards for SEPS because the provider is pre-qualified as to their general suitability
  • The supplier has signed and accepted this agreement and terms and conditions of call-off. Only comments in square brackets [ ] can be amended as agreed by the supplier and buyer.

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Lot 1 : Supplier Early Payment Solutions
A third party SCF provider funds early payment to suppliers. There is an agreed, fixed cost (other than Libor fluctuations) charged by the SCF provider to the suppliers for receiving early payment. There is no need to integrate with your ERP or finance sy


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Read the attached guidance documents. This framework can be accessed by placing a call off from the framework using direct ordering (direct award) from the supplier.