Utilities Switching Service DPS

Provides an online tool for customers to get energy supply quotes and switch their energy supplier using a dynamic purchasing system (DPS).


School Switch is an online utilities switching service designed to help schools and academies get better value for money when buying their energy. School Switch offers a simple way for customers to get fast, bespoke energy supply quotes and switch their energy supplier.

School Switch is the first of its kind in public sector procurement, enabling customers to get a fixed price quote for their electricity and gas supply. Customers can choose their supplier and their contract term. Suppliers can offer contract terms between 1-3 years.

This is a Concessionaire agreement, the contract for the service has been awarded to Gemrserv Ltd.

If you are a gas or electricity supplier wanting to register, please complete the DPS application.


  • provides fast, bespoke fixed quotes
  • 1,2 and 3-year contracts available
  • wide range of suppliers provides competitive rates
  • transparent and fixed pricing with no hidden costs
  • removal of intermediary fees, meaning you just pay for what you consume
  • an easy to use online platform
  • multiple quotes for comparison based on your requirements
  • access to instant energy pricing for single meters
  • bespoke pricing for multiple meters
  • bespoke tariffs based on your individual preferences such as green energy
  • smart system can store meter information and quotes for quick and easy use 

Products and suppliers

Please read the 'How to buy' tab below for detailed instructions on how to find out which suppliers are on this agreement.

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How to buy

School Switch is live and you will need to register your meters and create a login on the site. 

Before you start getting energy quotes on School Switch you will need:

  1. Your meter number/s – each electricity meter has a unique Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) and each gas meter a unique Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN). These can be found on your electricity or gas bill. MPAN number is sometimes called a ‘supply number’ or ‘S number’ on the electricity bill. The MPRN is sometimes called an ‘M number’ on the gas bill.
  2. Annual consumption data for the meter/s you are switching – this can be found on your energy bill 
  3. Your school or academy’s registered number – Every school or academy has a unique registration number. If you do not know your registration number you should be able to find it by entering the school/academy’s details on GOV.UK’s school information finder.
  4. The full postal address of the sites you want energy quotes for.

If you need additional support registering meters or obtaining a quote, you can contact the dedicated help desk on 0333 1038 477 or email the School Switch support team.

There is also a user guide and FAQ document

For more information, read our school switch getting started guide.