Personal Protective Equipment Framework

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing, including generic and specialised.


20/5/2019 – Expiry – This agreement is due to expire on 11 July 2019. PPE is now included in Lot 9 on Construction Products Consumables and Materials RM3837.


This agreement provides access to a range of PPE, including clothing. Two lots provide access to generic and specialised PPE.


  • The opportunity to bid at a discount to quoted list prices
  • Further savings through further competition
  • Accurate management information
  • Regular review of suppliers and prices to ensure you are getting the best deals.

Products and suppliers

There are 12 suppliers on this framework

Lot 1 : One Stop Shop


10 suppliers

Lot 6 : Specialist


5 suppliers

How to buy

See the attached documents. Read the customer guidance document which provides an overview of the agreement and process maps to help you decide the best way to buy. Also refer to:

  • Schedule 4 – Template order form and call off terms and conditions
  • Schedule 5 – Ordering procedure
  • Schedule 6 – Award criteria

You can use your own systems for buying or CCS’s eSourcing tool