Facilities Management Services

Facilities management (FM) services, including building maintenance and repairs, landscaping, catering, cleaning, security and waste management.


This agreement is available to all public sector bodies, including NHS Trusts. It will be split into 3 lots:

  • Hard FM (building maintenance and repairs)
  • Soft FM (security, cleaning, catering and waste disposal)
  • Total FM.

The agreement provides enhanced management information (MI) which helps you understand how well suppliers are performing for you. MI also enables CCS to benchmark cost and performance across the public sector estate.


  • Incorporates government standards on energy efficiency, water consumption and waste minimisation
  • Range of suppliers, including specialists
  • Value for money is gained through better management of cost and performance data
  • The provision of an end-to-end FM managed service for central government and wider public sector

Products and suppliers

There are 18 suppliers on this framework

Lot 1 : Total Facilities Management


9 suppliers

Lot 2 : Hard Facilities Management


9 suppliers

Lot 3 : Soft Facilities Management


9 suppliers

How to buy

1. Read the customer information pack and call off terms and conditions. There’s more detailed guidance on CCS’s eSourcing tool.

2. Award your contract through a further competition process. If you are in central government, we’ll manage this for you. Buyers in the wider public sector should manage the further competition themselves. CCS guidance for the eSourcing tool will help. If you haven’t used it before, register for the eSourcing tool.

3. Put out a request for tenders

When you run a further competition, you must invite all capable suppliers to tender. The request should:

  • Specify the date you need proposals by, allowing a reasonable time for suppliers to respond. The more complex the proposal, the more time you should allow for tender return
  • Include any special terms you are proposing
  • Provide a copy of the order form, which should be completed as if it were the order to be placed
  • State if a reverse auction is to be held.

4. Evaluate the proposals received

Once you’ve made your decision, let all the service providers know of the outcome.

5. Place your order

You should award a contract to the supplier that has submitted the most economically advantageous tender.

The framework competition was conducted on the basis of 50% quality and 50% price criteria and weighting. It is open to buyers running a further competition to adjust (and add to) the criteria and weightings of 10% to 90% which can be used on price and a similar range on quality (or other criteria).

Help documents and templates

To access these, log into our eSourcing tool. There you will find –

  • The how to access guide which will help you to find guidance for both self-service and managed services.
  • This agreement is based on the NEC3 term service contract (see attached documents)
  • Guidance on compliance checking of supplier trade codes and rates.